Form Order

Order sewa motor

Unit terbatas, pastikan anda booking terlebih dahulu untuk mendapatkan unit yang diinginkan!

Agar kami dapat lebih mudah untuk melayani, dapat dibantu mengisi form dibawah :

“Kemarin sewa addres seminggu ga ada masalah.. Lain kali kalo kami ke banjarmasin lagi saya mau sewa nmax ya mas.. Gpp agak mahal tapi puaassss”
Ridho Biring

“I rented a bike for a week and drove to Loksado, the engine was good even in hilly area. The price is reasonable and I arranged the pick up at airport, so saved money for taxi. I really like that they do not insist to keep passport but you can leave just a copy with them. I can definitely recommend Amelindo rental service. Please note that they have many customers so better to book a bike one or more days before..”
Lenka Novotna


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